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Novamyl is an anti-staling product that enables freshness throughout the shelf-life of baked goods. It increases improves crumb softness and elasticity during storage. Novamyl is available in different strengths. Novozymes Novamyl is a powerful anti-staling baking freshness enzyme that improves moistness, crumb softness, elasticity and mouthfeel during storage. It can reduce the need for emulsifiers or monoglycerides. Novamyl is an optimized maltogenic alpha-amylase that boosts freshness-perception. It outperforms in delivering crumb softness, moistness and elasticity. It achieves higher scores for sensory quality and overall eating experience – even after days or weeks of shelf life. Novamyl modifies wheat flour starch in a way that retards starch retrogradation. It can be added to the flour, bread improver or water prior to mixing.

Sustainability Information

NOVAMYL 10000 BG meets the "bio-based and/or natural products" sustainability characteristic since it is 91% bio-based.
Sustainable product
Product No. 1000060
CAS 160611-47-2
Synonyms amylase
Applications Novamyl can be used with bread, buns, rolls and lean sweet baked goods in both the artisanal and packaged/industrial segments.
Sustainability Characteristics Natural or bio-based


Product Details

Group Name
Sub Group Name
Maltogen Alpha Amylase
Features and Benefits
Maintains crumb softness and elasticity: This fresh-keeping solution delivers crumb softness and crumb elasticity. Reduces food waste and returns: This product reduces the amount of waste bread and/or stale returns in the supply chain. It also reduces the unit costs and number of deliveries needed to keep fresh products on the shelf. Prolonging the freshness of baked goods through shelf life can cut food waste by millions of tons every year.
How to use
Changes in the starch structure of flour start to occur immediately after baking. These changes make bread and other baked goods lose their fresh eating quality. Novamyl® modifies the starch structure to delay these changes. That means your bread, buns, rolls and baked goods stay elastic and soft for longer. It performs substantially better on crumb softness and elasticity than emulsifiers such as monoglycerides during long storage periods. The result is a considerable reduction in food waste and in stale returns.

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