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IBC  (790 kgs)

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Methanol (CH3OH) is a simple one-carbon alcohol that is a colourless and tasteless liquid with a faint odour. Other names are Methyl-alcohol and Wood-alcohol. It is most commonly produced from natural gas. Methanol is a basic building block and a raw material for many derivatives in the chemical industry. It is used to produce formaldehyde, acetic acid and a variety of other chemical intermediates. These derivatives are ultimately used in the manufacture of countless products that we find in our everyday lives, including: resins, adhesives, paints, varnishes, inks, foams, silicones, plastic bottles, polyester, solvents and windshield washer fluid.
Product No. 1017601
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 67-56-1
Synonyms CH3OH, methyl-alchohol, Wood alcohol


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Colourless, tasteless, Versatile

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