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BIG BAG  (1000 kgs)

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Meritena 100 is the ideal solution for creating a range of products with reliable thickening, gelling and viscosity development. The product is extracted from starch in a form referred to as "native", and remains stable throughout many processes. Meritena 100 is directly responsible for the highly consistent and specific qualities of the end product. Additionally, it can respond to thermal, mechanical or chemical treatments during processing or consumer use. Meritena 100 delivers thickening, gelling and viscosity development that allows consumers to create products that are reliable, efficient, and accurate. For all these reasons Meritena-100 demonstrates a high degree of reliability when used during product formulation, making it the best choice for food production needs.

Sustainability Information

MERITENA 100 meets the 'natural and bio-based' characteristic since it is produced by physical processing of corn.
Product No. 2038041
Supplier TEREOS
CAS 9005-25-8
Synonyms maize starch; native corn starch; Zea mays starch
Applications Bakery; Creams; Crisps; Frankfurters; Gluten Free applications; Marinades; Noodles; Pastas; Pastries; Soups, Sauces & Gravies; Wine Gums.


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Starches Modified
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