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Kalsec, headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is a leading global producer of natural taste and sensory solutions, colours and food protection for the food and beverage industry. Their all natural, high quality and innovative ingredient solutions make products look better, taste better, and last longer®.

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    Using their global and regional expertise, Kalsec delivers creative, authentic, and consistent Taste & Sensory solutions. From capturing the full taste of chilli, to providing culinary dimensions for rich flavour profiles, Kalsec Taste & Sensory Solutions are your source for natural and authentic flavours for all savoury food.

    Kalsec chefs and food scientists collaborate to create a distinctive portfolio of flavour profiles driven by more than just iconic and trending global cuisines, but also the dynamic flavours created through the culinary art of cooking. Kalsec’s inspiration for flavours is not only true to the ingredient, but also the cooking techniques, providing you with the culinary building blocks to help construct the flavours you envision for your product line.

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