Black text reading "Flex forward, Innovations for a plant-based world"Black text reading "Flex forward, Innovations for a plant-based world"

From Nature, For You
Formulating with plant-based food ingredients

Plant-Based Formulations

Plant-based diets are shaping the future of food. Our line of nature-inspired formulations offers an opportunity to develop food products that are better for you and better for the planet.

Our team of food scientists at Foodology by Univar Solutions has developed product innovations and recipes across key applications to deliver the right taste and texture for your next plant-based launch.

Health-conscious consumers are hungry for plant-based foods and alternative meat and dairy sources to improve health and flex toward a better lifestyle. 

Plant-Based Meat Products & Ready Meals

We offer multiple solutions for processing vegetable proteins into plant-based meat products with competitive advantages. Our portfolio provides simpler solutions from plant-based sources that won't compromise taste, texture and functionality. Whether your formulation requires flavour enhancement or an optimized sensorial appeal, we have a wide variety of ingredients to help you create a natural, sustainable, savoury product. Rethink your existing product line and explore how proteins derived from nature can elevate your production and help meet the latest demands for healthier alternatives in your product range.

Plant-Based Dairy

Consumers still desire milk and milk-based products, but the shift to vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian lifestyles is opening the door to new possibilities. In terms of total share among dairy categories—including conventional offerings—plant-based milk, yoghurt, shakes, butter and creamer are quicky on the rise. In natural food stores, plant-based milk holds a 45% share of overall milk sales. While there are several promising plant-based dairy alternatives, trends show that oat drinks have the most potential. Our Food team has formulated a line of recipes with ingredients that can help propel you to develop the alternative dairy products customers crave.

How plant-based formulas fit into a flexitarian diet

As sustaining our planet for the future fuels new trends and motivations, a new lifestyle is fast emerging to describe how we should consider eating for the future: flexitarian.

Watch our video and learn how plant-based foods can easily fit into this lifestyle and how Foodology is helping brands become personalized chefs for health-conscious consumers.

Market Insights: The Rise of the Flexitarian Consumer

What is a flexitarian lifestyle? How is this growing consumer base shaping the food market? Read about the growth and value of plant-based food products and how the flexitarian diet is changing the way we eat and formulate.

Better living through better food

Three core tenets guiding consumers on the path to plant-based foods:


Eating a plant-based diet is healthier for me and my family with measurable health benefits


Plant-based foods are better for the planet, requiring less land and water and producing fewer emissions


Sourced in an environmentally sustainable and safe manner to provide plentiful, healthy, nutritious food for all

In addition to their known health and sustainability benefits, plant-based foods are addressing changing tastes worldwide as more cuisines and food innovations make their way into the mainstream. Because of this, rapid innovation is needed to satisfy new diets, trends and concerns. That's why our line of nature-inspired formulations offers an opportunity to develop products that are better for consumers and better for the planet. Register for our Plant-based Foods Webinar Series to learn more.

Flex forward your innovations for a plant-based world

On the whole, plant-based proteins are better for us and better for the planet. Many are richer in fibre, vitamins and minerals that help our overall health and wellbeing. An unvaried diet restricts us of all the nutrients we need to thrive. In addition to greater health benefits, plant-based proteins use less water, less land and produce far fewer carbon emissions than protein from animal agriculture. Innovating in the plant-based space is key for a more sustainable, nutritious and efficient food system and is now essential to staying competitive in the market.


Univar Solutions is the ideal partner to help you meet this growing consumer demand for a better alternative, offering all the quality ingredients you need and the solutions to support your brand across various food market applications. From start-ups venturing into the plant-based foods space to name brands looking to expand their current line, we can help you flex forward with full-service technical and ingredient solutions and sourcing diversity tailored to your business.

Flavor evolution: Nature's formula to solve your plant protein challenges

Plant-based foods are growing across various end applications. Each product category is expected to have its own unique physical, functional, nutritional and sensory attributes. Our ingredients provide solutions across various applications in snacks, beverages and vegan meals. Start innovating with us today and begin your brand's journey to flex toward a better lifestyle and planet.

Catering to consumer trends toward healthier, sustainable food products

Plant-forward food products help contribute to a healthier diet and more sustainable food processes by conserving natural resources and reducing the carbon footprint. With a third of consumers actively choosing to reduce meat consumption, the plant-based foods market is no longer niche. Brands must cater to the plant-powered buyer and create high-quality substitutes for meat and dairy products to keep pace with vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian consumer demands.

Explore our range of plant-based ingredients, formulas and recipes to bring your innovative products to market.

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