Healthy Nutrition: Welcome to The Mindful Nutritionist

Person adding fruit and yoghurt to a jarPerson adding fruit and yoghurt to a jar

Healthy nutrition is the new norm. Markets show rising demand for healthier foods, as consumers look for cleaner labels, less sugar, salt and fat, fibre and protein fortification and choice under the free-from and flexitarian nutrition. They routinely scrutinise ingredients lists and educate themselves on risks such as acrylamide- product safety, quality and traceability matter like never before.

So is the quality experience which enhances all senses. Taste, texture, flavour, and appearance of goods matter alongside convenience and a healthy nutritional profile.

Today’s health-conscious consumers are increasingly demanding that ingredients are Better for Me and Better for the Planet. Delivering sustainable and nutrient-dense, functional products is becoming a prerequisite for a successful product launch and brand longevity.

As the world learns to live with Covid, focus intensifies on boosting and maintaining health. Consumers have become Mindful Nutritionists, educating themselves on what they need for health and what the nutrient density and functionality of their food need to be. Immune Health has become a fundamental requirement for the considered health-conscious consumer, to enable the prevention of disease or to assist with recovery; consider the research that has linked hypertension, which is exacerbated by high sodium intake, as a risk factor for severe Covid outcomes (1). Self-Care in all its guises, from supporting mental health to improving the way we look and therefore feel, is a trend that’s gaining more importance for the health-conscious consumer and will continue to guide purchasing choices.

Clean Labels are essential in providing the health-conscious consumer with information and therefore confidence in their chosen products, as ‘Front-of-Pack’ labelling is well established throughout Europe. The concept of Clean Conscience is beginning to supersede clean labelling, as it goes beyond what is good for the body and reflects what is good for the planet, the provenance of ingredients and their environmental sustainability.

Formulating for this new generation of health-conscious consumers sounds challenging, right? We hope our Discover Wellness Concept will help formulators, purchasers, marketers and brand owners alike to advance innovation for stronger consumer choice.