Healthy nutrition, technical innovation, and the needs of the food and ingredients industry are shaping the future of food. Foodology by Univar Solutions, the leading specialty ingredient distributor, supports product developers, buyers, marketers, and brands helping drive innovation, accelerate product development, and deliver next-generation solutions.

Come meet us at CFIA 2023

Inspired by evolving consumer food and beverage trends around nutritional health and wellness, plant-based options, and sustainability, the Foodology by Univar Solutions team is looking forward to meeting the industry colleagues at the CFIA 2023, taking place in Rennes, France, on 14-16th March . Foodology by Univar Solutions will showcase a suite of delicious recipe prototypes representing healthy eating and the organization’s recent “Wholesome Cravings” food ingredients campaign.

The era of the 'conscious-consumer'

“Consumers have effectively become conscious nutritionists. They routinely review ingredient lists and keep abreast of risks related to product safety, quality, and traceability, paying close attention to the nutrient density and functionality of their food. We are seeing a combination of holistic health and self-care in food and drink markets like never before, with a strong focus on ingredient sustainability, taste, texture, and appearance,” said Anne Dreher, regional technical sales manager, France and Benelux, for Foodology by Univar Solutions.

“Today’s consumers are looking for clean labels, less sugar, salt and fat, higher fibre, and protein content, and meat- and dairy-free choices with an enhanced sensory experience. Wholesome Cravings, offered by Foodology by Univar Solutions, helps formulators, purchasers, marketers, and brands advance innovation for stronger consumer choice. Incorporation of well-chosen, functional ingredients such as prebiotics, fibres, proteins, and sodium alternatives into bakery, dairy, and beverage products can help deliver an improved nutritional profile, while promoting gut and immune health. This healthy eating concept can help create products that will make consumers smile inside and out,” said Dreher.

Creative ingredients + solutions for all your formulating needs

Foodology by Univar Solutions will showcase creative concepts at CFIA. Demonstrations of bakery, snacks, dairy, ready-meals, plant-based alternatives, and beverages such as no-added sugar alcohol-free mojito and cosmopolitan cocktails will include healthy eating and nutrition focus areas such as:

· Sugar, salt, and fat reduction

· Acrylamide reduction

· Fibre and protein enrichment

· Fresh-keeping

· Free-from

· Plant-based

“Our technical specialists are looking forward to engaging in discussions around how the food and beverage industry can continue building consumer confidence and trust, by adapting their products to reflect today’s range of lifestyle choices,” said Dreher.

Foodology by Univar Solutions believes that companies will continue to focus on a sustainable food supply chain while developing ingredients that act on food waste and loss to help reduce world hunger and food insecurity. The organization continues to work closely with customers, exchanging information on consumer interests and then developing formulations and recipes in their solution centres to meet the trends.

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