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Ethoxy propanol is a clear liquid with an ether-like odour that is hygroscopic and miscible in water. The arcosolv PE, ethyl proxitol, and propylene glycol monoethyl ether is mainly used as the surface coating for paints, ink/adhesive solutions as it regulates flow, levelling and coalescence of both on any material when applied properly; this includes resin coatings such as polyurethane based EVA flooring products which require different solubility requirements than traditional building materials like steel reinforcement bars do due to much higher humidity levels inside buildings today.
Product No. 1016905
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 1569-02-04
Synonyms Arcosolv PE, Ethyl proxitol, Propylene glycol monoethyl ether
Applications Resins, Inks, Adhesives, Surface coatings including water-based paints, Flexographic printing inks.


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Group Name
Glycols Ethers P Series
Sub Group Name
Glycol Ethers P Series Other

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