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IBC  (900 kgs)

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DOWANOL PnB Glycol Ether is a fast-evaporating, hydrophobic glycol ether with high solvency and excellent coupling abilities. It is partly water soluble and miscible with most organic solvents. This is extensively used in heavy-duty cleaning formulations, textiles, cosmetics and resins. With an excellent balance of hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics it is ideal for removing both soap scum and greasy soils in cleaning applications. In coatings DOWANOL PnB offers good coalescing ability in systems requiring fast evaporation.
Product No. 2048447
Supplier DOW INC
CAS 5131-66-8
Synonyms Propylene Glycol N-Butyl Ether, 3-Butoxypropan-2-ol, Propylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Applications Textiles, Cosmetics, Resins, Coatings, Glass cleaners, Household products, Industrial cleaning, Paint removers


Product Details

Group Name
Glycols Ethers P Series (Speciailty)
Sub Group Name
Features and Benefits
Fast evaporation, Outstanding soil removal, Anti-filming, Anti-spotting, Low streaking, EU Ecolabel, Biodegradable

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