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DOWANOL DPnB Glycol Ether is a hydrophobic glycol ether with excellent surface tension-lowering ability and coalescing properties. It has a near mid-range balance of hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics, and it offers significant water solubility. DOWANOL DPnB Glycol Ether is compatible with many different resin types. It also provides excellent surface tension lowering ability, and is useful in cleaning products by itself or when blended with other products. Used alone in cold metal cleaning, it is a good solvent for removing oils and greases. An excellent choice for coatings applications, this product provides outstanding coalescing and film properties due to its larger molecular size allowing for a greater polymer mobility contribution.
Product No. 1002448
Supplier DOW INC
CAS 29911-28-2
Synonyms Dipropylene Glycol N-Butyl Ether
Applications Cleaners, Textiles, Cosmetics, Resins, Coatings, Adhesives


Product Details

Group Name
Glycols Ethers P Series (Speciailty)
Sub Group Name
Features and Benefits
High polymer plasticizing efficiency, Strong partitioning to the polymer phase, Relatively slow evaporation rate, Excellent surface tension-lowering ability and coalescing properties, EU Ecolabel

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