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PLASTIC DRUM  (200 kgs)

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A naturally derived bio-surfactant ( 99% bio derived) with emulsifying properties. This is a glycolipid, more specifically a sophorolipid with medium to high HLB. It contains a high percentage of the acid form. Thanks to its high active content, it is used at low levels to boost the performance of other bio-based surfactants enabling naturally derived formulations. EcoSense GL-60 HA Surfactant is non-GMO, sugar based and exhibits 60 percent biodegradation within 28 days per OECD 301F

Sustainability Information

This product meets the "natural or bio based" characteristic because it is composed of 53% chemically processed agro-ingredients. Moreover, it meets the "environmental accreditation" characteristic, since it is compliant with COSMOS for non-organic ingredients.
Sustainable product
Product No. 2050722
Supplier DOW INC
Synonyms Glycolipids
Applications Rinse-off- Shampoo and body wash- In sulfate containing formulations- In non-sulfate containing formulations- Hand soap, Facial cleanser- Rinse-off conditionerLeave-on- Micellar water- Serum, Wipe- Make-up remover- Lotion/cream, Gel cream- Hair leave-on conditioner
Sustainability Characteristics Natural or bio-based, Environmental accreditation


Product Details

Group Name
Alkyl Polyglucosides
Sub Group Name
Alkyl Polyglucosides
ISO 16128, Natural origin, Palm-free, Readily Biodegradable, Sulfate-free, Vegan
Features and Benefits
Low carbon footprint process, low aquatic toxicityReadily bio-degradable: exhibits > 60 percent biodegradation within 28 days per OECD 301F>99% bio derivedDoesn

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