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IBC  (950 kgs)

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UCAR Filmer IBT is an effective coalescent solvent designed for use in latex architectural trade paints, inks, and industrial coatings. Known for its excellent solvency power and high miscibility with many common organic solvents, UCAR Filmer IBT is a versatile component in a variety of formulations. Its balanced properties make it ideal for applications ranging from coatings to personal care products.
Product No. 1104393
Supplier DOW INC
CAS 25265-77-4
Synonyms Isobutyl Triacetate, Filmer IBT
Applications Lacquer thinners, Wood lacquers, Coatings (architectural and industrial), Printing inks, Aerosol sprays, Personal care products, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals


Product Details

Group Name
Glycols Ethers P Series (Speciailty)
Sub Group Name
Other Specialty P-series

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