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IBC  (845 kgs)

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Solvesso 150 is a colourless fluid-based aromatic solvent with a mild aromatic odour. It has a flash point and evaporation rate higher than that of Xylene but does not contain ethyl-benzene, and is therefore desired for environmentally friendly agrochemical and pesticides, as well as making them versatile performers in many other industrial and agricultural applications.
Product No. 2050761
Supplier UNIVAR
CAS 64742-94-5
Synonyms Aromatic 150, A150, Kocosol 150, Aromatic Solvent C10, Heavy aromatic naphtha, (Polyethyl)benzenes, Heavy aromatic solvent naphtha
Applications Agricultural chemicals, Coatings, Fuel Additives, Foundry Resins, Hydrogen Peroxides, Refinery Chemicals


Product Details

Group Name
Aromatic Solvents
Sub Group Name
C10 Aromatics
Features and Benefits
Good flow, Good film formation, Environmentally friendly

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