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Mylose Low DE & Standard Glucose Syrup is a transparent to light yellow liquid that is viscous and has a sweet flavor. This purified and concentrated nutritive carbohydrate syrup is obtained by the hydrolysis of starch and has a DE level between 20 and 42. This product can be used in the production of confectionery, toffees, chewy candies, coffee creamer, jams & jellies, ice cream & sorbet, and dairy products. It is used in functional foods and nutrition applications.

Sustainability Information

MYLOSE 661 WHEAT meets the "bio-based and/or natural products" characteristic since it is produced by physical and enzymatic processing of wheat.
Sustainable product
Product No. 2023250
Supplier TEREOS
CAS 8029-43-4
Synonyms Glucose syrup
Applications Beverages, Bakery, Brewing, Canned goods, Confectionery, Dairy products, Ice-Cream, Jams and jellies.
Sustainability Characteristics Natural or bio-based


Product Details

Group Name
Sub Group Name
Features and Benefits
Light sweet taste, viscous and a high polysaccharides content, bulking agent, body, mouthfeel, texture optimization, anti-crystallizing, sucrose replacement, texture stability, suitable for spray-drying.

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