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Primol 382 is a purified mixture of liquid saturated hydrocarbons. It is a colourless, transparent oily liquid and is essentially odourless and tasteless. It is obtained from petroleum through several refining stages, including an ultimate purification by catalytic hydrogenation. Primol 382 is manufactured to exceed the purity requirements of the Pharmacopoeias. Due to its superior chemical inertness, it demonstrates better colour and oxidative stability than most mineral and vegetable oils, when stored and used under controlled conditions. Primol 382 can be used in a variety of food-related, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications subject to the applicable laws and regulations in each country.
Product No. 2003908
CAS 8042-47-5
Synonyms Technical White Oil, Paraffinic White Mineral Oil, Industrial White Oil, Highly Refined White Oil, Paraffinic Technical oil
Applications Pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food processing equipment, plastics and polymers, textile industry, industrial lubrication


Product Details

Group Name
Skin Conditioning Agents - Emollient
Sub Group Name
White Oils

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